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Painting Happiness Six Week Experience

In this six week, self-paced experience you will master a simple technique to paint stunning mandalas, by tapping into your intuition, and letting go of the outcome.

You will take time to listen to that inner whisper calling you to sink into the joy of simply creating as you infuse your canvas with all your positive energy, hopes and dreams.

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Dream BIG Paint BIG Eight Week Live Online Experience

Work with me live online for eight weeks and you will be able to create your own, unique, intuitive paintings, without needing to learn even more painting techniques.

For 2 whole months, we are going to Dream BIG Paint BIG and go for it BIG time. BIG love, BIG colour, BIG excitement as a group of Creative Adventurers who are ready to BRING IT to the world!

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Creative Journaling Practice

In this course you will learn how journal using colour, intuition and listening to your own wisdom.

This creative practice was born (like many great inventions) out of necessity. I struggled with written journaling, and couldn't find my own art journaling style. As a result I created this super simple, fun process I will share with you.

If you've always wanted to art journal, but don't know what to draw. Or you struggle with the blank page and don't know what to write this process is made for you.

In this lesson I will show you my whole process for tapping into what's going on in your world, and to see it from a different angle. All you need is the ability to doodle and about 10 minutes or less.

Join me for this creative adventure and let your inner doodler out!

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Create More Community (year round group)

Imagine a year-long play-date where you and like-minded souls gather for creativity and connection.

Join us in a vibrant space where inspiration flows freely!

Whether you're overflowing with creative ideas, eager to share or simply want to unwind with a hot cuppa and peruse inspiring content, you've found your tribe here! 

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Creating Happiness Mini Course

In this mini course you will learn how to draw beautiful mandalas from your own imagination.

We will head off on a journey to learn how to relax your busy brain and to connect with your creative self.

You will also be learning ways to shift from your busy ‘to-do list’ mind to your love based creative mind and will discover an inner world you never knew existed.

Creating Happiness is a taster session showing you the first week of my 6 week course 'Painting Happiness'.

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The greatest lesson I learned from creativity

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