Making your own art should be intuitive and fun!

"I'll help you discover YOUR WAY to confidently make art by YOUR OWN RULES and consistently tap into YOUR CREATIVE MAGIC!"  

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Wherever you are at I’m here to make art simple and fun

Hi! I’m Angela Murray a fun loving intuitive artist, a gentle open spirit, and your guide.

My purpose in life is to create a safe, nurturing environment where you can develop your own intuitive style and flow.

I don’t believe in critique, or following all of the ‘art rules’.

I do believe in letting go of perfectionism, comparison, and self judgement.

And I know for sure you have all the magical creativity you need inside of you right now, and I’m here to help you let it loose!


“Angela's classes moved me forward with excitement, laughter, ah-ha moments  and created time and space for me. I loved them and wanted them to continue every week forever! "

Kristi Shaw

Inquisitive Artist you're in the perfect place!

You’ve found your way here because you’ve heard the whisper from your inner muse. They want to play, have fun, get messy and fully express themselves.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at on your creative journey

You may already create art but you need more confidence to experiment with your own style?

Maybe you're a beginner who’s really excited to give art a go, but just don’t know where to start? Painting Happiness may just be perfect for you.

 Or you might have been painting for a while and you want to loosen up, let go of the ‘art rules’ and learn how to create intuitively on a BIG canvas!

A community of like-minded creatives is waiting to welcome you to let loose and reclaim your wild creative spirit - take a peek inside!

Create More Community

This is a year-long play-date where you and like-minded souls gather for creativity and connection. Join me in a vibrant space where inspiration flows freely!

Painting Happiness

In this six week, self-paced experience you will master a simple technique to paint stunning mandalas, by tapping into your intuition, and letting go of the outcome.

Dream BIG Paint BIG

Join me live for eight weeks and you will be able to create your own, unique, intuitive paintings, without needing to learn even more painting techniques.

Curious to know more about making art your own way?

Check out my FREE 3-part video training.

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