Dream BIG Paint BIG

Eight Week Live Online Experience

Reserve Your Place on the April 2024 Experience with 4 x monthly payments of $150 USD

BIG love, BIG dreams, BIG colour, BIG excitement, BIG energy, BIG Canvas, BIG hair, ha OK well maybe in the 80’s . . .


How ever you show up, I am inviting you to put your BIG girl pants on and join me for the Dream BIG Paint BIG LIVE Painting Experience April 2024.

Get your BIG girl pants NOW - sign me up!

How BIG is the BIGGEST canvas of your life ?! . . .

Let’s find out . . .

Are you tired of feeling underwhelmed & uninspired . . .

Dream of a deeper connection with your intuition & your souls art . . .

You long to let your hair down, get messy and wildly creatie . . . or keep your BIG hair no judgment here!

The idea of creating on the BIGGEST CANVAS OF YOUR LIFE is exciting and terrifying at the same time . . . yes that’s a thing, a GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL BLANK THING we overcome together!

Allowing your inner child out to play again, to feel creative JOY & FREEDOM!

You’re craving connection with other magical creative souls on their own BIG adventure . . .

Become a part of a community of like minded women that are willing to show off their BIG DREAMS and BIG GIRL PAINTS - I just love that . . .

Step into your intuitive painting BIGNESS!

We’ll create together for 2 months to make your BIG dreams come alive, intuitively painting your own BIG soul painting – and uncovering your deepest desires to achieve a BIG breakthrough!

You will take time to listen to that inner whisper calling you to BE BOLDER and to take the BIG energy from your canvas into your life. To use your creativity to create the BIG life you’ve dreamed of . . . 

I coach with BIG love & BIG compassion to help you connect to your own BIG beautiful soul. 


Kate Nankevill shares with you how DREAM BIG PAINT BIG has impacted her life.

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What’s the BIG deal . . .

  •  8 weekly 2-hour live zoom painting sessions of BIG Creating, BIG Happiness, BIG Painting and Playing BIG time!
  •  A private 1-to-1 session with me – including your own personal symbol to support your creative journey
  •  A private Facebook group where you can share your journey and connect with me
  •  My full support in creating your BIG Vision on the canvas and in life
  •  Plus a side of Sunshine and Happiness and Sisterhood

Imagine spending 2 whole months of intuitive artful play, and experiencing BIG expansion in your world. I am proof that the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you see possibility in every situation you may have felt too difficult to deal with, or too hard to push through.

In these 2 months, you too will release your ‘shoulds’ and embrace the BIG BOLD YOU that is crying “Hell yes!!!” inside.

Hell Yes sign me up!

I know from living this creative process, to truly create abundance in all areas of your life starts with allowing yourself the freedom and space to move, to expand your beliefs around what is possible and all that you deserve. 

If you’re not tingling with excitement yet . . . IMAGINE being able to step into your dreams with a new ease, to give yourself an outlet to express what your heart is really wanting to say, to see that your biggest scariest visions are simply the next biggest piece of YOU waiting to come out.

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about releasing all of those preconceived notions of what your life is ‘supposed’ to look like and sprinkling fairy dust all over that. 

AND for a full 2 months, we’ll be drawing out of YOU your BIGNESS and splashing it onto that canvas.

Let’s DREAM BIG & PAINT BIG together!


Gail Ose

Thank you ever so much Angela for this offering! This is better than anything I imagined would ever come from taking this course. I loved everyone else’s paintings also, they are all so bigger than life and magical!

I have been wanting to paint more people and also something magical as well as the ocean. This is more than I could have hoped for.

I was also wanting to paint something big to enter in next year’s art exhibit that would turn heads. I am pretty sure this fits the bill! 

Gail Ose - Owner 509 Gallery & Gail Ose Studio

Kate Fitness

I wanted a chance to experiment and learn more techniques - I was worried about what would actually appear on the canvas.

It feels like I have been given permission to do what I like with the canvas and also feel that being totally absorbed in being creative has opened up and kicked out some very dark patches in my head.

The course has given me heaps of confidence to experiment and try new things creatively. The process has been hugely enjoyable and really rich. The feel-good factor is huge each session.

Kate Fitness BSc, R C Hom

Mandy Beverly

It's so hard to describe the course but I would totally recommend it to anyone! It's a journey of your own creativity and getting out of your own way. It builds confidence. It's something that I am really glad I gave myself.

The first week when we no longer had a blank canvas and just got started - I loved that! It got me hooked straight away. Angela helped to ground us each week and get us ready to start painting. 

I also love Angela's coaching style, it was nice and relaxed and we were all rearing to get painting.

Mandy Beverly - Director and Facilitator