Creative Journaling Practice

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Welcome to my original creative journaling practice

 In this course you will learn how journal using colour, intuition and listening to your own wisdom.

This creative practice was born (like many great inventions) out of necessity. I struggled with written journaling, and couldn't find my own art journaling style. As a result I created this super simple, fun process I will share with you.

If you've always wanted to art journal, but don't know what to draw. Or you struggle with the blank page and don't know what to write this process is made for you.

In this lesson I will show you my whole process for tapping into what's going on in your world, and to see it from a different angle. All you need is the ability to doodle and about 10 minutes or less.

Join me for this creative adventure and let your inner doodler out!

This Creative Journaling practice is for you if…

You are looking for a simple yet creative practice

You've tried other forms of journaling but not kept them up

You have always wanted to art journal, but don't want to spend hours creating journal spreads and just want to PLAY

You are being called to connect to your inner creative wisdom.

This  Creative Journaling Practice is not for you if ...

You want your journal to be perfect and a work of art
You don't want to investigate the other side of the story you are telling yourself

I have been working with this process since I invented it several years ago. I decided to share my process with you so that your can access your own inner wisdom, play and have fun while allowing your creative brain to relax.

My Guarantee

I know for sure this process works - so if you try the lesson and you can't create your own journal pages I will refund your investment 100%


This Creative Journaling Practice includes:

An instructional video where you'll discover a simple process to tap into your inner wisdom, to uncover your deepest thoughts and to look at them from both sides of the story.

A second video where I show you where I find my inspiration for journaling, including a few prompts to get you going with your own practice.

Additional resources to further develop your own creative practice.

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Enroll in Course for $25

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