I nurtured this and watched it grow

Jan 12, 2024

A little while ago I was at our local garden centre, when I discovered a corner where they put the unwanted, unloved plants out at a discounted price.

In the middle of the plants which were already past saving I found a peace lily which was looking very sorry for itself. It was out in the sun, bone dry and pretty much on its last legs. I felt sorry for it.

Though I didn't really have room for it at home, I took it anyway. I watered the lily, I fed it and made sure it was kept away from direct sunlight. It only took a little love and attention each day before it bloomed and not with just one flower but four. I was stunned.

As I was watering the lily this morning I realised that it was a great metaphor for our creativity. 

I often hear from women that they don't have time to create. Too much to do, a long to-do-list and no space for painting, drawing or even doodling. 

The thing is you don't actually need a long time to develop your creative muscles. You don't even need to create every day, and each act of creativity does not need to be a masterpiece.

Creative hack:

If you can gift yourself 10 minutes 3 times a week (less than you would be asked to do exercise from your personal trainer) you will soon tap into your wild creative side.

Keep some paper and watercolour paints near the kettle/coffee machine and create while you wait for it to boil. Doodle while you are on the phone or in meetings. Buy an adult colouring book and colour while you are watching TV. If you journal make it a creative journaling experience. There are so many ways to build up those creative muscles.

What's the one small thing you can do regularly to achieve your creative dreams - message me at [email protected] and let me cheer you on!


Angela x

PS if you've not done already sign up for my 7 Day Adventure to Meet Your Inner Artist and start your creative journey, and have some fun!

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