Small studio ideas

Jan 22, 2023

One thing I am asked a lot by clients is how or where they can create when they don't have a dedicated studio space.

To be honest I don't think having a dedicated space is essential, though is is nice to have somewhere you can create a mess in and then close the door behind you. (let's not talk too much about my bad habits ha ha)

So after painting and teaching for over 12 years I am now super lucky to have a small studio space in our home which used to be a spare bedroom, but not everyone is has the luxury to have their own space. So how do you create space for yourself when you have a small house or apartment or when you share that space with other people?

#1 - Take over a corner of a room. When I started painting I did exactly that I took over a small corner of our lounge. I had a tiny table, a small easel and baskets, plus a mini book shelf to keep all my supplies, brushes and papers.

#2 - Divide a room. One of my students has done just that. She has taken over one end of her lounge with an upright easel, shelving unit, storage for paints etc. and her computer to follow along with tutorials. You can even section off the area with screens if you want to hide your studio space away.

#3 - Get yourself a fold down table and a trolley for your supplies. You can buy a table which folds down to put it away or why not make one? This video from Wickes shows you (or the DIY person in your life, if that's not your thing) how to create a super little surface to create on which you can pack away. And what artist studio would be complete without a little trolley to store your supplies.

#4 - Take over a space in the garage. One of my clients has a dedicated space in her hubby's carpeted garage, which is his pride and joy. All you need to ensure is that you have a drop cloth and maybe some plastic sheeting on the walls if you get really messy!

#5 - Use portable tool boxes and create a portable art studio. One of the very first things I had was a soft tool bag, which had pockets to store lots of my brushes, pencils and paints. This 3 piece tool bag with trolley would be really stepping up the portable studio game, but you can start with just one tool bag like I did.

#6 - Repurpose your home office space. Many of us had to create office spaces while working from home over the past few years, but the office space can be used for dual purposes. One tip from one of my members is to store your art supplies, canvasses and works in progress in a book case. And if you want to hide the book case away when working put a curtain rail, or piece of wire at the top and hang a shower curtain to keep your precious things out of sight.

#7 - If you have a tiny space on a landing that you have never known what to do with check out Josie Violet's short video on setting up an art studio in a super small cubby hole.

#8 - And finally this YouTube video - Painting in small spaces by Hayley Hawkins has some great tips for storage ideas in a small studio space.

I love it when people share their tips and tricks with me, if you have an unique studio space or storage idea which might help my students please comment - I'd love to add new ideas to this blog.

In the meantime - keep creating!

Angela x

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