Is your inner voice running your life?

Dec 11, 2021


My inner voice is so loud sometimes

There are times when my subconscious brain gets hyped up like she’s drank waaaay too much coffee, and she tries to run the show called 'My Life'.

The usual story she spins is …. “Everything is going to turn to custard”.

It tends to happen when things are going really well,  I am having a great time, enjoying being me. And the weird thing is … there has never been any evidence that bad things are about to happen.

It’s just her using her sneaky, manipulative voice trying to keep me 'safe'.


Is your inner voice running your life?

When working with me, my clients uncover their own inner voices which are getting in the way of them being 100% themselves. Their voices are telling them “don’t show off, be too much, too loud, selfish, demanding or weird” (insert your own inner voice here).

This voice is often the one thing which is stopping my clients from realising they already have everything within them to be amazing artists.


I was a messy child

I recently realised, with the help of some time at the canvas, that my inner voice comes from times when I was quite small.

Playing and making a mess and having a jolly good time, then suddenly being told off by my Mum. That sudden jolt from playing happily in my world to being told I had done something terribly wrong, and that I had disappointed her still plays out now I am in my 50’s.

Obviously, I understand why making a mess on the carpet or drawing on the walls upset my Mum – quite rightly. OMG what a messy child I was.


Recognising your inner voice

Realising what was driving those negative thoughts, and that there was no evidence that they are true was 75% of the battle to gain control of my inner critic.

I believe we all need to work on the layers and layers of crappy thoughts we subconsciously carry around. Comments which may have been made in the moment by a family member, teacher or our peers. Which at the time meant nothing really. But as an impressionable kid who attached an emotion to being ‘made to feel wrong', those thoughts stick to us without us ever realising.


There is a fun and simple solution

Now you can spend time in talk therapy working it all out. But what I have found is, with the right heaARTful practice, and the right coach you can work through these thoughts which limit you much quicker and less painfully.

Letting go of painful subconscious thoughts can be much easier than you think. Letting go of the inner voice which is holding you back from becoming the artist you truly are, can happen with the use of the creativity you crave.

If you need some help with the thoughts getting in your way, book a free Discovery Session with me.  Let’s see how I can help.


Image by Jasmine Milton

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