Intuition - is it time to stop listening to others

Nov 12, 2021
Intuition - is it time to stop listening to others

I was really young when I first discovered my intuition, though at the time I had no idea what that was.

It manifested itself as an inability to make myself do something I didn’t agree with or just felt wrong to me, and that knowing sat right in my belly.

It must have frustrated the heck out of my parents, or teachers when I would refuse to do what they wanted. I was not prepared to give a reason, other than knowing it didn’t work for me. Regardless of whether my head was telling me I should do what they were asking, my gut made it impossible to go against how I felt.


I used to think this was a weakness, but over the years I have recognised it for what it is. It’s my inner knowing, my compass or my intuitive guide and she’s guided me very well over the years.

Now she manifests herself as my creative guide, and I rely on her intuition a lot when I am creating – she never steers me wrong.

The times when my work has gone off track, or I have been completely stuck, have been the result of letting my logical, critical brain, have too much say. Or not listening out for the quiet, gentle whispers of my intuition. But she’s always there, waiting patiently to play with me.


Do you hear your intuitive voice too? What does she say to you? Are listening and acting on her advice?

A lot of my Dream BIG Paint BIG clients come to me to learn exactly that, to connect to their intuitive voice. They want to listen to her messages and create from her wisdom. Many of them have had glimpses. But then they allow what they have learned in art classes, or online to get in the way of the beautiful conversation with their inner guide.

They begin to doubt themselves, following rules (often which are imagined and not real). They try to follow other artists' styles, or their teachers' style. While all along their intuitive guide is trying to show them their own uniqueness. Eventually, they begin to doubt themselves. They begin to believe that they will never find their own style. Or that inspiration will not be available to them, and worse still they give up trying.


Have you spent a great deal of time or money on classes, only to find that you learn how to copy the style of the teacher, however when you are at home trying to paint on your own, you just can’t quite create something of your own that resonates with you?

Does stepping up to a big white canvas create a bit of anxiety in you because you feel you may waste it, not being able to create something you may be proud of?

I believe that your intuitive voice is already inside of you. You just need to learn a consistent way to tap into her. Without the need to have a teacher tell you each time what to do.

To hear her voice you need to stop learning more and more techniques and styles. Stop filling your head with ‘the rules’.  Give yourself permission to be your creative self. Find a coach who will help nurture this creativity in you without telling you how to be. Someone who will support and guide you. They should walk alongside you but not make you dependent on them to be able to paint.


I believe you can do this. Your inner creative is just waiting for you to listen, to tap into your intuition. If you need help to take that first step reach out to me – I’d love to be your guide.

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Angela x

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