Are you a creative crone?

Jan 21, 2022
 Finding your crone tribe


I was honoured to be interviewed recently by a fellow Artist and Coach, Mary Helm, for her Crone Connection series, where we talked about what it’s like as a creative coming into your crone years. 

One of the topics we talked about (and there were many) was the importance of finding a community of like-minded people and the desire to make a contribution in our crone years. 

Finding your crone tribe

When we were in our 20’s and 30’s we probably had child or work commitments. Our lives in some way defined by those groups of people. But when we hit 40+ we begin to search for meaning. At 50+ we have a desire to tap into what really lights us up. Wanting to connect with others and to make a difference.

But by the time we hit our 50+ crone years, we also want to have more space for ourselves. We want to be a little more selfish to enjoy life our way. So how can you balance all of those things with the need to connect and make a difference?

What I found as I hit my mid-40s I began to connect with a lot of creative and spiritual groups. I was looking for my peeps. I found groups where I could be myself. People I could talk about the connection of creativity and spirituality with. Without feeling like I needed to justify myself. 


Helping others up the mountain

I believe that we all have our place to reach down and help others up the mountain to succeed - though I'm not at the top of the mountain by any stretch of the imagination. I am lifting others up, and at the same time, other women are helping me. 

If this is resonating with you, I truly believe finding your sisterhood, or your tribe is the place to start. For me finding those people also made it so much easier for me to be myself as an artist and as a coach. 

My tribe is really reflected by the people I attract to work with me. I could spend all my time trying to convince people, who are not on the same path, that being creative is where it's at. Or I can work with people who already have discovered creativity, and have worked on themselves as part of their personal journey and want to expand. 

Those people are my tribe because they've already realised there's some good juju to be had in creativity. My role is to help those clients take that next step, going BIGGER and allowing themselves to be fully themselves. 


Being OK with being selfish

For some time I felt like I should teach everyone, and I did for some time. Then it occurred to me that actually I still needed to continue to learn and grow with those who are further on their journeys. I still have different paths to explore and I’m looking for the energy of “Ooh that feels good. I'm gonna give that a go.” I just found I am craving more and more to be the student and to learn more than I teach. This could be seen as being selfish. In fact, it isn't because just maybe, I need some new learning that in turn, I can then teach.

And really there is nothing wrong with being selfish because if you don't continue to give to yourself and fill up your cup, and feed your inspiration, then how can you then continue to give that to other people? 


So what about your creative crone?

Have you found your creative community, sisterhood or tribe yet? Where could you begin to explore?

Do you have a calling to make a difference, and what does that look and feel like to you?

And finally, can you make peace with being selfish? What would it take for you to make time for yourself and your creativity?

I'd love to hear about your journey, your wants and your desires. If you'd like to chat you can contact me here.

And if you'd like to find out more about all the other things that we talked about, you can watch the whole interview here.

Angela x


PS - if you'd like to connect with some other creative crones on their journey to Dream BIG Paint BIG I have a new group forming! Come and meet your tribe.


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