Angela Murray - Intuitive Artist

As a Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, based artist my favourite medium is acrylic, and I paint large pieces on canvas and smaller pieces on mixed media paper.

Originally from the North of England I was drawn to New Zealand without knowing anything about the country. I followed a nudge to visit in 2008 for a 5 week holiday and felt immediately at home – I am now a citizen. Much of my creative journey has happened since arriving in New Zealand.

In 2010 I was studying to be a holistic life coach when a class called “The art of coaching” cracked me wide open to the world of energy painting. I discovered that artists are vessels for divine energy, which flows through them, and I have trained myself to be open to allow that energy to create for itself.

I believe the energy, or dreams you paint onto a canvas are projected out into the world and are returned to both the artist and the works owner.

Each artwork is created intuitively, without a vision for the piece other than the feeling I want each work to embody. I believe that the artwork decides what it wants to become, and my role is to follow the creative nudges until the piece decides it is finally complete.

I have been mostly self taught but I credit my free style of painting to time studying in Bali (2011) with Flora Bowley an American intuitive artist who taught me the art of becoming brave and intuitive. I also studied with James Lawrence, an abstract artist in Auckland (2016) who inspired me to embrace energy, movement, colour and the art of letting go.


My works have been exhibited at:

  • The Art Lounge, Tauranga (2022)
  • The Depot Art Gallery, Auckland (2019)
  • ArtFusions, Auckland (2019)
  • The Little Gallery, Auckland (2018)
  • Mairangi Arts Centre (2016)
  • Estuary Arts Centre (2015)

My works are now collected internationally by those clients who feel called to each piece’s unique energy.



***SOLD ***

In my coaching work I deal with a lot of clients who find themselves stuck in situations feeling like there’s no way out. This piece represents each person as a ball of energetic possibility able to navigate this life freely.

750mm x 1200mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


In Flow

There are times in life when everything feels like it’s heading in the right direction. This piece represents the moment when life is totally in flow.

795mm x 795mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas (framed)


Coming Home

This piece is a journey through the layers of the soul. It’s that feeling of finally knowing who you truly are.

640mm x 945mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas (framed)



Every now and again a version of this golden globe of abundance comes through. It greets me in my dreams and I feel compelled to share its powerful energy in my work.

600mm x 600mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


Floating Above #1

As I was working on this piece I felt an overwhelming feeling of looking at a land full of magical energy and wonder from above.

1400mm x 1400mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


Floating Above #2

Inspired by Float above #1 I revisited the magical land where I floated above such wonderful energy. The feeling while painting this was one of meditation, calmness and possibility.

760mm x 1020mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas



This is one of my most favourite pieces as it represents a change in the energetic feel of my work. Allowing myself to be less constrained, free to explore and curious beyond measure.

900mm x 1200mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


Layer upon Layer

This painting represents a time of great change. Each layer has it’s own meaning from calm to rapid change then the new normal. With so much change happening in the world and our lives, this painting was created to show that even after great change there can once again be calm.

900mm x 1200mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas



This large piece marks a crucial turning point in my journey as an artist. Following a powerful reiki and massage session, I was called to paint this powerful energetic piece with different parts of my body. You can literally see the energy rising in this work.

1100mm x 1700mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


Everything is Energy


Everything and everyone is made up of energy. We can use our energies to create good in the world or we can use them wastefully. This painting represents the light and positive energies which surround us and will emanate from this piece into the life of its owner.

750mm x 1000mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas



In the theme of everything is energy this work represents two opposing energies which both repel and attract each other. Each of them needs the other to navigate the universal energies and find their way back home.

1440mm x 1440mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas


Quiet space

Our lives can be crazy busy, and the structure can feel constricting. Yet there are places and moments where we can get back to that quiet, calm restful place. This piece represents that quiet space which resides in all of us, regardless of the crazy making world outside.

1200mm x 1200mm x 35mm

Acrylic on canvas